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The Camera i use to make the video :see it Here  

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Video effects from many kinds of animations. I have worked many years with animations and i can make many types of video effects for youtube

There are many ways to make video. Many use video editor and it is good, but one can and use animation to make video. I have worked many years to create animations. I make many types of animations. .lower thirds.youtube subscribe buttons.
I have and worked a lot with graphics so I can create youtube banners graphics and web graphics for home pages and banners on the web. I can create many types of animations / graphics tailored to your needs. my material.Now at present it is important to stand out so that they respond to your video.I make effects sum do it.I can and create instagram video effects.I can compose instagram video or pictures for you.Just contact us me.I make and header for twitter.and facebook video cover that is animated.So i make video in many different ways.I have, as said, worked many years with this and have learned a lot that beginners cannot.It takes time to learn things.Someone study for many years to become good.I have studied / learned this for many years .So i can make video

make video

make video